G20 2009 Cartoon

COMMENTARY  2009 G20 meeting:
The cartoon shows a battered Gordon Brown and Barack Obama dressed as Supermen. They’ve clearly been in a fight—their tunics are torn and Obama has a plaster on his head. Gordon Brown is holding a small piece of paper with ‘Summit’ written on it (the size of the paper suggests that the summit agreement was not a spectacular success). He’s saying “… From nuffink!”


To show everyone that we are stimulating our economy by spending over a billion dollars on security. Great long lasting program!

To show other countires how to print more money. The US is an expert!

Why not give the money to Greece?

G20 stands for Greedy 20

How to allow the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer!

To show the world how to build an artificial lake (for 2 million dollars).

Just unbelievable!!!

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