Little Johnny Joke

Just before the holidays started, Johnny’s teacher told the class that she was going to have a trivia contest. Students who correctly answered the questions would be allowed to leave early. This got Johnny’s attention.

His teacher asked the first question “Who said, I have a dream?”

Johnny knew this one and his hand was up before anyone else.

The teacher picked Sally and Sally answered Matin Luther King, Jr.

The teacher said, “Right, you may leave. Have a nice holiday.”

”Next question.”

“Who said, Ask not what your country can do for you, but…?”

Little Johnny was super excited because he knew this one, too. He waved his hand furiously so that his teacher would pick him.

But the teacher chose Andrea.

Andrea said, “That was John F Kennedy.” Of course she was right and she was allowed to leave early.

Little Johnny was getting quite upset. He knew the answers and his hand was up first.

“Next question.”

“Who said, That’s one small step for man, one giant…?”

Johnny couldn’t believe his luck because he knew this one, also.

His hand shot up like a rocket.

The teacher looked around and finally picked another little girl, Susan.

Susan said Neil Armstrong and the teacher told her she could leave and hoped she enjoyed the holidays.

By this time Little Johnny was fuming. He wanted to go home early. It wasn’t fair and he whispered, a little too loudly, “Christ, I wish those bitches would just shut up!”

The teacher yelled, “Who said that?”

Johnny immediately yelled back, “Tiger Woods, see you later!”

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Little Johnny Jokes

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