John on January 11th, 2019

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John on November 1st, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is pretty funny. I wonder what history will say about herZ?


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John on March 7th, 2017



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John on February 5th, 2017

Things I’ve learned about Trump during his first few weeks in office.

He is really dumb, really really dumb.

He is a bad dude, a really really bad dude.

He is evil.

He wants to be like Putin (or Hitler) and run the country like a dictator.

He believes that he knows everything.

He is racist.

One reason he supports Putin is because he is jealous of the power that Putin has. Another reason is that Putin is blackmailing Trump.

Republicans in the States should be ashamed of themselves. If they are afraid to speak out against such an idiot then they must be very greedy and or  just as dumb. Hitler’s enemies waited too long!!

Hope they all get voted out when Trump is impeached!!

The President is not above the law, but Trump thinks he is.

Every intelligent American should stop work tomorrow and stay off work until Trump is impeached. Don’t wait until he uses the military to control the nation.

Think this last idea is farfetched?? Not as far fetched as Americans voting for this evil man.


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John on December 16th, 2016

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John on November 30th, 2016

After all, laughter is the best medicine.

“My wife said that her wildest sexual fantasy would be if I got my own apartment. -Rodney Dangerfield

Some people, Like Rodney Dangerfield, are just naturally funny.

Some people, Like Donald Trump, are funny…


Dr. Seuss Trump Book

Trump is a funny guy.

The rest of us have to prepare in order to tell a good joke.

But the most important advice I can give about How to tell a good joke is, start with a good joke.

Then, choose the right target. The joke needs to be suited to your audience.

It helps if the joke has a little truth in it.

Tell a joke about recent events.

Exaggerate, just a little.

Create anticipation ~~~ “Take my wife – please!” -Henny Youngman


Make the joke your own. Make it about something in your personal life.


And practise, practise, practise!


“Ah, Signor Halt,’ he said uncertainly, ‘you are making a joke, yes?’
‘He is making a joke, no,’ Will said. ‘But he likes to think he is making a joke, yes.”
― John Flanagan, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

last trip to costco


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John on September 19th, 2016

Jane Goodall Says Donald Trump Reminds Her Of How Chimpanzees Act To Get Attention

monkey animation -company policy

Trump Monkey

In Trump, Goodall sees a male chimpanzee trying to gain dominance by making as much noise as possible.

In many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals,” Goodall said. “In order to impress rivals, males seeking to rise in the dominance hierarchy perform spectacular displays: stamping, slapping the ground, dragging branches, throwing rocks. The more vigorous and imaginative the display, the faster the individual is likely to rise in the hierarchy, and the longer he is likely to maintain that position.”





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John on September 9th, 2016


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John on June 8th, 2016

The beach goof for you

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