Superstar, Sven Kramer, was almost guaranteed a Gold Medal!

“My world collapsed. This is a disaster. This is the worst moment in my career”
–Sven Kramer’s coach Gerard Kemkers


“Usually, I don’t want to blame anyone else, I take responsibility as the skater on the ice. But this time I can’t do anything else,” the son of two-time Olympic speed skater Yep Kramer told reporters after the race.

“I wanted to go on the outer lane, then just before the cone Gerard shouted, ‘Inner lane!’ I thought he was probably right. At first I thought my skates passed the cone on the wrong side, and I will be disqualified. Then I noticed in the stadium, something was wrong.

“You have to decide in a split second. I should have gone with my own thoughts but I was brought into doubt. This really sucks. This is a real expensive mistake. This really sucks.”

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